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Welcome To Corpbuddy!

We believe that every individual is unique and has what it takes to reach the destination. Although getting recruited in a good organization is not a rocket science, but it certainly requires marathon effort from an individual. We want to share with you the experiences which we have gained over the years on this journey. What sets us apart is our proactive trait to enable you to face the corporate world. Our “Campus to Corporate” program is testimony to this fact.

We want to transform students into thorough professionals who can do justice to their role in the corporate world. We intend to inculcate interpersonal skills in students irrespective of their academic or personal background. We aim to provide them essential skill sets which will enable them to pursue their dreams.

They say that fortunate people learn from other’s mistakes and some less fortunate from their own. We want you to be fortunate by sharing with you our experiences. Having a great corporate career is like climbing Everest. Where very often you don’t know what is coming your way, but if you are trained hard and have proper guidance the journey becomes smooth.


A world where everybody is empowered to carve niche for themselves!


• To guide you down specific learning nuggets, while reinforcing and building on your skills to ensure you are constantly evolving and retaining an understanding of the content.
• To ensure you are confident with new skills and able to apply them to real-life projects.

 Corpbuddy Team  



Our founder is a Chartered Accountant and has also completed Company Secretary course. He comes with around 9 years of work experience in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Audit and MIS Reporting.



Our founder is an MBA (Finance) & Engineer from reputed college. He comes with around 9 years of work experience in the various fields of Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Management & Manufacturing.