Campus to Corporate Program

You’ve graduated from college, degree in hand, the next logical step is to put that degree to use and start your career, right? Maybe not.

The time after graduating from college is a long transition period. You are going from the sheltered life of a student with a meal plan, support from parents, not a lot of bills or expenses to a real life adult with responsibilities. This is the time to make some important decisions before you embark on a lifelong career path.

This course caters to the need of Graduate & Postgraduate students who will join the corporate world in near future.

Your knowledge of the functional area you’re pursuing is important. But to succeed in the long term in any of the organizations, having strong team skills and knowing how to build and manage relationships were observed as just as important. In an age when relationships between individuals and organizations are getting more and more complex, having an excellent IQ is not enough. Being good at number crunching and scoring high marks in subjects are not the only criteria for success in professional or personal life.

Companies are looking for candidates who are smart and can present themselves well. Most employers these days want to hire, retain and promote people who are dependable, resourceful, ethical, self-directed having effective communication, willing to work, learn and having a positive attitude. More and more corporations around the world recognize that in order to gain a competitive advantage, they need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with their customers and peers.

It’s often said that domain knowledge will get you an interview, but you need interpersonal skills to get and keep the job. It’s no longer enough to be an expert in a field of knowledge. Competition is fierce; it’s your interpersonal skills that make you stand out. Campus to Corporate is the advanced course which will transform a student into a professional.

This program includes –